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How to get your child to eat better

I have been trying to get my kids to eat healthier. Last year was a really hard year for us. We were living with a relative, and I was working long crazy hours. I was always running around and never able to cook for them. Half the time we would eat breakfast in the car while we rushed running late to school. This had become our normal, I would tell my son that we would wake up early so I didn’t rush him. However that never happened, going to bed late from work always got the best of me. My husband was deployed, and I was trying to be both mom and dad to my kids, and I always fell short. I would beat myself up because I wasn’t spending time with my kids, they were at school and then I would rush them to a family members house while I went back to work that night. I wouldn’t get off until 9pm and then had to pick them up and rush back home to get them in bed. 

Family dinners? That word didn’t exist to us, heck family meals weren’t even present. It killed me that we never sat down and ate together, it’s funny because I would eat all my meals while driving rushing back and forth to pick them up and take them somewhere. Isn’t it crazy all the things we put on our plates? I’m talking the I can work a full time job while also being a single parent and of course y’all can play two sports that I’ll somehow manage to take you to. Yes I can volunteer to serve in the morning and afternoon at church on Sunday’s, I’m free that day. You see we end up hurting ourselves trying to do more than we were ever expected to. 

So back to getting my kids to eat healthy, with no sense of normal. My kids would just snack on anything and everything I would buy them. I would get so upset that my 3 year old wouldn’t eat a single meal! I mean literally, she would only snack. So I started to pack a lunchbox full of snacks to keep her happy through the day. If only they were healthy snacks, but it ended up being whatever was easier for me. I felt so defeated, so bad because I would eat so healthy, and then would just give them whatever I could to get them to eat. 

Fast forward to today, we moved into our own apartment since daddy came home!! Normal is still a issue with him still being on a aircraft carrier, and working a crazy schedule. However I have managed to make a normal routine at home. I’m not working this time and I’m able to spend the entire day with my kids. My favorite thing to do is cook, and I’m happy to say I’m able to cook 3 healthy meals a day and sit down at the table to enjoy it with my family. 

Things I have found that worked for us, slowly changing their foods. This is the biggest recommendation I can give y’all who are wanting to change your diet. I start by swapping out their snack foods, I let them pick a fruit that they would like to try and that becomes their snack for the week. After making the switch with their snack I moved onto adding veggies to their dinner, either a salad on the side, or baking veggie chips. They love the salads, they see me eating them and slowly started asking for some of mine 🙂 winning! I’m going to be taking out more and more, and keep improving their meals. 

Sugary drinks! My 3 year old drinks apple juice like its water. Getting her off Apple juice has been a bit of a struggle, However we’re making progress. She loves green tea, I started making her decaf green tea and slowly I’ve been able to switch it for the apple juice. I have noticed a huge difference in her mood/ behavior! She always wants to try what I’m drinking so I give her my smoothies with coconut water and greens and she’s loving it. We call it hulk juice and she’s excited to drink it. Make these new changes fun for them and they will be excited to try them. 


Swap out a sugary drink for a healthy tea

There’s hope moms! With a few changes and a bit of normal you can do it as well. I hope you are able to make some changes to your toddlers nutrition! 

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