Fat burning workout

Happy Tuesday! #tabatatuesday I love a quick high energy workout and TABATA does just that. Get’s that heart rate up and into the fat burning mode fast! and best thing is it keeps it going for hours after your workout. If you have never done a TABATA workout then your in for a real treat. Grab your water, and maybe a towel and lets get after it!!!!!

4 rounds, 10 sec rest between exercise 2X

Super-set 1

Burpee’s 20 seconds

Rest 10 sec

Medicine ball knee to chest 20 seconds

(can sub med ball for a foam roller, or something that will roll)

-if you don’t have a med ball to perform this you can either just do a plank hold, or mountain climbers for the 20 sec. If you do have a med ball then you will start in a plank with your feet on the ball and roll your knees into your chest. you will go in and out for the 20 seconds

Super-set 2

Med ball jumping sumo squat 20 seconds

(can sub Kettle bell, or dumbbell)

-for this you will start in a squat stance wider than your normal squat. med ball in front of you, you will perform jumping squats while holding the med ball. 

Rest 10 Sec

plank knee taps 20 seconds 

-for this you will hold a plank and bring your opposite elbow to opposite knee meeting in the middle. 

How this works is you will do 4 rounds of super-set 1, then rest 1 minute. Next you will do 4 rounds of super-set 2, then rest 1 minute. And then you will compete all of that for another round. So starting back at the top 4 rounds of super-set 1, with a 1 minute rest. Then 4 rounds of super-set 2

Sumo squats pictured above with kettle bell version.

We need to remember to put our faith over our fears!

Faith Over Fear T-shirt

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