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How I Find time to workout

Hey ya’ll! I’m here to help you find time to workout. I know were all busy, you have a million things on your plate, and somehow your supposed to fit working out into all of this. Trust me I understand, I just started on the journey of private online school with my son. I’ve always wanted to do homeschool, however I didn’t want to hold him back, or not be teaching everything he needs. So here we are, doing a online school and trying to get used to a routine, usually my fitness would get pushed to the back burner. However my health and fitness are important to me and I make it a priority. If you want something bad enough you will find ways to make it work. I’m going to share with you what works for me, and what I do when I don’t feel like working out, because let’s be honest I don’t always feel like it, or in the mood to workout.

Ask yourself, why? Why can’t I find time? why can’t I be motivated? why do I always quit when it gets hard? why does it even matter? I’m not a athlete, why do i need to workout? why will this help me? the list of questions can go on and on. However if you are wanting to make a change you need to change your mindset. Start asking yourself how instead, how will this help me? how and I going to do this?  How will this affect my health? How will I see results? How can I better myself? When you change your mindset you start seeing things different. Instead of making excuses and asking why does it even matter, and start asking how can I benefit from this you will be eager to start making changes to better yourself. 

So, How are we going to fit this in our busy life? Well guess what? you don’t have to spend hours, and hours in a gym to be healthy, you don’t have to only eat chicken and rice, you don’t have to give up stuff you love, you can have your cake and eat it to! I used to do crossfit, I would spend hours and hours everyday working out. I would go twice a day and push myself to my limits. I loved being in the gym and working out. I would measure everything I ate, and wouldn’t dare eat any sweets. It consumed me, everything I did was about crossfit, and for crossfit. I didn’t see it at the time, however looking back I realized how much time and energy I put into. I got upset with myself because it took time away from more important things, and I didn’t even see it! I took a break from crossfit, had another baby, and then started back up. Only this time it wasn’t my everything, it wasn’t my drive. I bought some equipment for my garage, I was able to spend more time with my family and less time at the gym. I started to realized I could get a good workout in at home, while still spending time with my kids. Time has passed yet again, My husband is in the navy so we move a lot! I ended up getting rid of all my equipment and  now only use dumbbells. You don’t have to give up stuff you love, you can have the equipment at home, however for me moving it all the time is too much. I love doing at home workouts, and just using dumbbells. I’m able to get in a workout anywhere at anytime. Kids want to go play at the park? bring your dumbbells, live in a apartment with people living under you? Lift outside, want more space to run around? lift outside. My new favorite workouts include being outside, and the best part is my kids are right there with me playing, or working out with me. Let’s talk about a huge impression you are putting on your kids, by showing them how important your health is.

What do you have to give? do you spend hours and hours on social media? Can you wake up 30 minutes earlier? Can you do a workout while your kids are doing homework? maybe you take your kids to sports after work, guess what? bring your dumbbells and workout while you wait. Have a long lunch break? bring your dumbbells. Are you starting to see how easy it is to add a workout in? It all starts with you! yes it starts with you. If you want better health, better sleep, better appearance, the only person that can change all of this is you. So what’s it going to be? are you going to keep telling yourself you don’t have time? or making excuses why you can’t workout and be healthy? Be the change you want to see.


As you can see in this picture, my daughter is playing while i’m working out, I take my dumbbells to this outside gym on base, they play and I get to work on being the best version of myself. If you wan’t it bad enough you will find a way to turn your I can’t into I can, and I will!  I hope this gives you hope, and motivation to find time, make time, and put it to action. 


Fat burning workout

Happy Tuesday! #tabatatuesday I love a quick high energy workout and TABATA does just that. Get’s that heart rate up and into the fat burning mode fast! and best thing is it keeps it going for hours after your workout. If you have never done a TABATA workout then your in for a real treat. Grab your water, and maybe a towel and lets get after it!!!!!

4 rounds, 10 sec rest between exercise 2X

Super-set 1

Burpee’s 20 seconds

Rest 10 sec

Medicine ball knee to chest 20 seconds

(can sub med ball for a foam roller, or something that will roll)

-if you don’t have a med ball to perform this you can either just do a plank hold, or mountain climbers for the 20 sec. If you do have a med ball then you will start in a plank with your feet on the ball and roll your knees into your chest. you will go in and out for the 20 seconds

Super-set 2

Med ball jumping sumo squat 20 seconds

(can sub Kettle bell, or dumbbell)

-for this you will start in a squat stance wider than your normal squat. med ball in front of you, you will perform jumping squats while holding the med ball. 

Rest 10 Sec

plank knee taps 20 seconds 

-for this you will hold a plank and bring your opposite elbow to opposite knee meeting in the middle. 

How this works is you will do 4 rounds of super-set 1, then rest 1 minute. Next you will do 4 rounds of super-set 2, then rest 1 minute. And then you will compete all of that for another round. So starting back at the top 4 rounds of super-set 1, with a 1 minute rest. Then 4 rounds of super-set 2

Sumo squats pictured above with kettle bell version.

We need to remember to put our faith over our fears!

Faith Over Fear T-shirt